Top 3 80s Toy Lines You Probably Forgot Existed

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#3 – Computer Warriors (1989)

I was always curious to know if this line was just a gimmick to get Pepsi in the hands of kids? The most memorable part of this line was the Pepsi can. Oddly enough, there wasn’t even a cartoon series to back it. There was only one single episode, which was released on VHS after the line had ended.

Regardless, this line was kind of cool. Seven vehicles were produced, all based on every day items. A soccer trophy, pencil sharpener, flashlight, calculator, book, clock, and a Pepsi can all transformed in to a vehicle that held the included mini-figure. In addition, a personal computer unfolded into a sizable base.


#2 – Barnyard Commandos (1989)

I remember having a ton of these as a kid, but I have no idea where they went. Even after searching through my old boxes of stuff with a fine tooth comb, I could find no trace of them. I guess they vanished into thin air, along with most people’s memory that this line ever existed.

Most of these lines were based on a cartoon series, but this line went the opposite direction with the cartoon airing a year after the toy line was released. It’s pretty safe to say that this line tried to cash in on the Ninja Turtles fame, as the main premise was that these animals got into some nuclear waste and mutated into commandos.

Over 2 series, we got 16 figures and 4 vehicles. There was also a Burger King tie-in line consisting of 4 vehicles that doubled as bracelets. All in all it was a cool line, but it’s no wonder that most people have no idea this line even existed.


#1 – Food Fighters (1988)

Never making it to major big box retail stores, or even getting an animated series, it’s no wonder most people don’t remember these. I, on the other hand, have some very fond memories of this line. This is probably one of my favorite oddball lines of the 80s. I’m always reminded of the cover of “Burger Time” when I look at these toys. I can only assume a fan of the game saw that cover and had an epiphany.

This line was split in to two factions, the “Kitchen Commandos” and “Refrigerator Rejects”. Between the two, we got a total of 10 figures and 3 vehicles. There was a refrigerator playset in the works, but it never made it to the shelves.


Like I said, I could have gone on for days about these lines. I started with 5, rocketed in to the 20′s, then narrowed it down to 11. I have fond memories of going to the toy store with my mom and picking these guys up. Any Southern California residents may remember a store named “Toy City” back in the 80s. I spent a lot of time there as a kid, and most of my collection came from that amazing place.

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