The Top 5 Casino Myths Busted

What’s your casino game of choice? It could be something with strategy involved like Poker, easy to play like Slots, or fast-paced and thrilling like Roulette. Whatever your favorite, the game is bound to be surrounded by misconceptions. Have you ever read or heard casino myths and not sure whether they’re true? Well, don’t worry, as in this article we will look to debunk them, split the facts from the fiction and, who knows, you may learn something new.

Myth #1: Online casinos aren’t secure

When online casinos were in their infancy, this may have been a concern, as there were some shady sites out there. These days, security is top-notch and safe online gambling is paramount to operators. There’s no need to worry as all your personal information, including bank details, is encrypted and transactions are secure. Having peace of mind while playing the latest variation of Blackjack or your favourite Slots game is so important, and operators will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience to keep the customer happy.

The banking options are also so diverse now. Not only can you deposit or withdraw funds by credit or debit card but via your smartphone or even cryptocurrencies. This, in turn, offers faster pay-outs. 

Myth #2: Increasing a bet size will increase the chance of a win

This is a very common myth. It’s the kind that beginners will believe, particularly if they don’t understand how casinos and pay-outs work. If such a rule existed, those who play low-stakes would be at a disadvantage.

Some swear by progressive betting systems. How do they work? Well, positive progressive systems see you increase your stake when you win and decrease when you lose, while negative systems are the opposite (increasing when you lose and decreasing when you win). The important thing to take away is that employing such strategies don’t increase your chances of winning and managing your bankroll is always key.

Myth #3: All casino games require a level of skill

This all depends on your game of choice. Of course, Poker requires a level of skill to beat your opponents – by reading their tells and studying their moves, while analysing your own hand. But many of the games you’ll find in a casino are all down to chance. Random Number Generators (RNGs) determine how often slot machines will pay-out, while all games will have a house edge which is in the casino’s favour. Once the Roulette wheel or Slots reels start spinning, you have no idea how your game will pan out.

Myth #4: This dealer’s hot, I better stop/this dealer’s cold, I better continue

This myth is to do with games you play against the dealer, such as Blackjack and Baccarat. If the dealer is hot, it means they keep winning and if they’re cold, they’re on a losing streak. Many believe that if a dealer is winning consecutively, it won’t end and it would be best to pack it in. Whereas, if they’re on a long losing streak, keep playing as the dealer will continue to lose. As we know, both games are associated with luck, although you can use a basic strategy in Blackjack to improve your chances. But streaks don’t work in patterns and can begin or end at any point – it’s random.

Myth #5: Casino games are rigged

Again, this isn’t true. Like we’ve already mentioned, the house edge is beneficial to the casino as it allows them to make a profit over time. But operators are honest and transparent with their odds and pay-outs. Online Slots will have a return to player (RTP) percentage attached to them, which signifies the odds of winning. The percentage isn’t based on every time the game is played, but the average. Generally speaking, you should go for the games with the higher percentage – anything over 95% is decent.

There was a time that in brick-and-mortar casinos, there were some controversies. For example, Roulette wheels having bias or casino-goers employing techniques to boost their chances of winning. Due to the levels of security, this is no longer a problem, and winning (or losing) is all down to the RNGs. If you’re playing in online casinos in the UK, rest assured that the UK Gambling Commission has regulated and licenced all your betting needs.

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