The Calendar of Football Fixtures Has Been Changed

UEFA is ready to take very cardinal, but no less effective security measures, due to the growing threat of a dangerous disease. The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the calendars of all sporting events, many football fixtures are either suspended until an officially scheduled date or the postponement date of games is still unknown. The information changes very often, so you should keep a close eye on the news to be aware of all changes in the games of the season.

What kind of football fixtures have been canceled:

  1. Spanish matches are on pause for at least two rounds.
  2. The matches of Italy will not be held until April 3.
  3. The matches of France have been fully completed and postponed to an unknown date.
  4. Matches in Ukraine until early April will be held without spectators in the stands.
  5. The matches of Germany are suspended from March to April, the next round will be held without spectators in the stands.
  6. England matches are all on pause until April 4th.
  7. The Champions League has postponed all its matches to an unspecified date.

But that’s not the worst thing that could happen in the season. Football officials at UEFA are ready to completely suspend the current Champions League and Europa League games. You can wait for a full stop very soon, in the quarterfinals, which will be held in April. That is why many matches have been postponed to the beginning of next month, so that in the future it is possible to stop completely the games in the Leagues.

Table Europa league results in March

Despite the fact that the season is under threat, many teams will finish their games in March. According to Europa league results for March 12, the clubs such as Shakhtar, Bayern, Manchester United, Basel and Istanbul are moving forward.

Europa league results of 1/8 finals:

  1. 12.03.2020: Olympiacos – Wolverhampton (1 : 1)
  2. 12.03.2020: Wolfsburg – Shakhtar D(1 : 2)
  3. 12.03.2020: Rangers – Bayer  (1 : 3)
  4. 12.03.2020: Istanbul Başakşehir  – København  (1 : 0)
  5. 12.03.2020: Eintracht FC – Basel (0 : 3)
  6. 12.03.2020: LASK – Manchester United (0 : 5)

Interestingly, despite having recently played a game, Real Madrid said that they were going into quarantine. A basketball player was found to have the coronavirus and since he and the players were training in the same place, the entire Zidane football team is going under quarantine. For two weeks Real Madrid members will be in complete isolation and their condition will be monitored by the best doctors. When the situation normalizes the teams will continue their games. The match against “Manchester” (due March 17) will most likely be postponed or even canceled.


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