The Best Movies of All Time

There are movies that people watch for the sake of being entertained. Then there are movies that people watch and never forget. I’m going to talk about the most rated and ranked movies of all time. a lot of factors makes a movie the best but what also makes a movie the best is how many times people watch it and still want it the same. However, even though movies are the best way of entertainment and to relax, playing best us casino online games for real money is also a fun and entertaining thing to do. The good thing is you can also do it in the comfort of your home.

The list of the best movies of all time is going to be made of the movies that were recognized during their time, the awards they received for them and how much they were voted for by the viewers.

The Godfather

This is a movie that was produced in 1972 in America. This crime film was loved by many such that it received 12 different awards from the best picture, best director, best drama and more categories. With Al Pacino and Marlon Brando being the lead actors the movie became a hit and it produced a 2nd part of the movie.

Star Wars

This 1977 American space movie was the first release of the star wars franchise. With its success came a lot of star wars even up to date. This movie is loved by many and always takes to rankings. It managed to bag more than five awards, bet now on your favourite movie and also managed to have more star wars movies coming.

The Dark Knight

This is one of the loved superhero movies. Starring the most-loved Christian Bale the movie became a hit. It is also managed to legitimize comic book movies that we’re failing to be recognized. The movie managed to come out with eight different awards.


Jaws is one of the well-known American thrillers with its release being named a turning point moment in the history of motion pictures. This 1975 release is still recognized one of the movies with the best storyline. This movie got more than seven awards with the one being people’s choice award.



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