The 10 Thriller Movies of 2018 You Definitely Need to See

At some periods in life, you just need to do something extreme, something that will chill your blood and send shivers down your spine. There are a lot of opportunities to do so; you can go skydiving or bridge diving. Or simply watch the latest thriller and save a lot of time, money and effort with the similar effect as the previous ventures. Of course, there will be no wind in your face and the adrenaline levels will not jump as high, but you certainly will get the healthy dosage of extreme without risking your life. Prepare to explore the list of the top 10 best thrillers that will entertain you to the limit. Beware, people who get easily scared might want to grab an extra bag of chips.


This French horror made almost all lists of the must-see movies of 2018. The plot develops after the woman was being raped by three men and left for dead. This is basically a phoenix story when the character comes back from the lifeless state into a full-on revenge mode. The interesting part is that the director is also a woman, which is not so typical for such stories. Revenge holds a good level of tension throughout the film and doesn’t shy away from the bloody scenes.

A Quiet Place

This exciting thriller made a furor among the genre-lovers. Directed by none other than John Krasinski, famous due to his comedic roles particularly in The Office, left many people on the edge of their seats. The movie follows a family of four, that has to be extremely careful and not make any noise because of the mysterious monsters that invaded the planet and react to sounds. Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s real wife, starts in the movie too, which makes it even more meta. If only all new films of 2018 would be that good!

Game Night

This is an unusual participant of our list. This is a peculiar blend of thriller, murder mystery, and comedy. Not an easy combination to complete. The plot follows the group of friends who are fond of the board games, but one night they become involved in real murder game.


This is an interesting film from the numerous points of view. It is shot entirely on the iPhone 7 and includes a quite unsettling plot. The woman while escaping a stalker accidentally agrees to the involuntary psychiatric confinement and found herself in a confusing reality of her own fears.

First Reformed

This might seem like an unlike choice for this list. This thriller-drama starring Ethan Hawke explores the tension within the field of the religious believes, when the main character, the pastor who is grieving for his son’s death, has to reevaluate his own faith and morals. Philosophical nature of this movie doesn’t change the fact of really intense and unsettling atmosphere. If you do like writing philosophical essays, you can check for the best advice.


This highly polarized Darren Aronofsky film barely made a list of our movies to watch. Not because it isn’t a strong movie, but because it is not your typical thriller. This is a unique blend of the complex relationships between man and women, nature and people, God and his creations. Well, where is the thrill in that, you might ask? Just watch the movie, and you will get all the answers.


This is a thriller with a sci-fi twist, very psychological and beautifully shot. Natalie Portman plays a biologist that find her husband back from the military mission one year after his disappearance. There is also a mystical entity called The Shimmer, which threatens to absorb our world as we know it. An extraordinary story and outstanding visuals.

Red Sparrow

This spy-thriller about takes place during the Cold War end depicts high tension of those times, as well as some unsettling personal dramas of Jennifer Lawrence’s character. Twisted plot and some quite brutal scenes make this film a perfect choice for spy dramas fans.


If you appear to have a taste for the more of an art-house type of thrillers you should definitely check this one. The dazzling neon-fueled atmosphere and neo-noirism tones interact with the murder mystery that involves famous star and her assistant. It is a bit toned down in terms of scares, but the tension and thrill are certainly there.

The Ritual

This classical thriller will not disappoint genre fans. Hiking trip turned into something weird and mysterious, as forest started to present some seriously disturbing things to an oblivious group of friends. Who doesn’t like nature, right?

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