Robo-Bracketology – Second Round Results, Sweet Sixteen Voting Open

Robo-Bracketology rolls on!

In case you missed it, we designated a field of the 64 top robots in pop culture history and pitted them against each other in a tournament. Readers voted them down to the top 32, and then the Sweet Sixteen – we need your votes again to determine the Elite Eight!

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Some interesting points from Round 2:

  • Megatron dispatched Bender – he appears bound for the Final Four
  • Shockingly, Cy-Kill could be there waiting for him! He handled the Fem-Bots with ease
  • Voltron, Robocop, T-800, K.I.T.T., R2-D2 & Optimus Prime predictably roll on
  • Some “Cinderella Stories” in the Sweet Sixteen: 80s Robot, Metalhead, Conky
  • Sad exits for Rosie, T-Bob & Dot Matrix

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