Robo-Bracketology Champion Revealed! The Best Pop Culture Robot of All Time is…

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

One of the four bots above was chosen (by your votes) as the best pop culture robot of all time.

From the Final Four came the Championship Match – the cult favorite Tom Servo versus the astromech droid from the heavyweight franchise, R2-D2.

Before we reveal the winner – It’s Championship Monday! Don’t forget to check out the results of eclectik’s Childhood Crushes Tournament, and Cold Slither Podcast’s Battle of the Fictional Bands!


and now, the moment no one’s been waiting for but a few people have what could almost be considered a passing interest in…

The Robo-Bracketology Champion is:

UnderScoopFire's Robo-Bracketology - Challonge



r2d2 interview

Someone we wish we employed interviewing R2-D2 about his Robo-Bracketology victory

No shocker here, it seems Scoop Nation went chalk on this one. Click here to check out the final bracket, and thank you to everyone who voted and shared the links! See you next year for a much better tournament idea that I didn’t think of until two weeks into this one!!

robo tourney


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