Most Popular Online Slot Themes of 2019

Slot games are not just about their prizes and features, but very often about their themes. The range is endless, and you will literally find a slot on any and every theme imaginable.

A Live-Action Inspector Gadget Movie Is Coming

If you’re 35 or above, you’ll have fond memories of the gadget-happy animated detective and his haphazard crime-fighting activities on television when you were growing up.

Christmas Songs Over-Analyzed: Santa Baby

Thumbnail image for Christmas Songs Over-Analyzed: Santa Baby

It’s been too long.

Power-Ranking the Characters of Bob Rivers’ “The Twelve Pains of Christmas”

On the eve of their 30th anniversary, a definitive power ranking of the characters in The Twelve Pains of Christmas.

Forget The Music, These Are My 7 Favorite (Pop Culture) Carols!

This year we will celebrate and honor my favorite “Carols’ of pop culture.

The Top 5 Casino Myths Busted

Have you ever read or heard casino myths? Not sure if they’re true? In this article we’ll look to debunk them and split the facts from the fiction.

Christmas Songs Over-Analyzed: Wham! “Last Christmas”

It’s that time again. The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time for me to over-analyze another song. So it’s two times then. Holiday and song time. Nevermind.

Instant Classics: The 10 Best Christmas Songs of Our Generation

There are few “modern marvels” when it comes to Christmas songs, but our generation can lay claim to SOME original classics.

Ten 80s Cartoon Characters Who Are Impossible to Christmas Shop For

Some 80s cartoon characters are easy to shop for at Christmas time. Skeletor? A reservation for one at Castle Grayskull’s throne room. Others, not so much.