Online Slot Myths Explained

Myths, superstitions, rumours, legends. Since slots first appeared online, there has been a strong need to put into circulation false beliefs on the way they work and magic tips to win at them.

Starting from how the characteristics of a machine can influence the destiny of your game at and continuing with preconceptions about online bonuses and offers, players have spread many misconceptions over the years.

In this article, we are going to analyse seven online slot myths that have become very popular. 

Top seven superstitions on online slots

1.   Temperature of coins

Have you ever thought that the temperature of the coin you are using to play can influence the destiny of your game? Maybe you think this can be a fool one, but there is somebody who believes that warm up a coin before playing may help you win.

2.   Don’t choose the Autoplay mode

According to some players, pushing the Autoplay button to generate automatic spins can be counterproductive for you because this mode pays you less than when you play normally. 

3.   Pay attention to the casino area the slot is located in

When deciding which slot to play at, some players pay particular attention to their location. According to some casino fans indeed, the game disposition is not casual.

In this perspective, you should avoid all the slots located in isolated areas of the casino because they are not very lucky while you should prefer the ones located in busy areas.

4.   Play only on certain days of the week

Ever thought that playing only on some days may enhance your chances of winning? If you are wondering which days are considered the best ones to play, we can say that according to the most of people, the weekend is meant to be very lucky.

5.   Pull the lever or press the spin button?

Sticking with some players, even small details like deciding whether to pull the lever or press the spin button may influence your game. It’s also a matter of choosing the right moment for one or another.

Some others also think that the intensity to which you pull the lever can be determinant in the success of the game.

6.   Don’t use bonuses

Bonuses are ways to incentivize players to subscribe to a casino rather than another. Well, according to a false belief, they are meant to make you lose. Every time you use these offers to play online slots, you are affecting your chances of winning.

7.   Stay away from cold machines

Have you seen somebody else celebrating the victory of a jackpot? Then, stay away from that machine because that is known as a ‘cold slot’. It means that once a machine has already awarded somebody, the same will take a long while before dispensing new winnings.

Final thoughts

These just discussed are only misconceptions on slots. The truth is that they are just machines, there is no physical element or human gesture that can influence them. Our advice is to play without thinking too much to all these things.


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