Oh the Horrors! Five Celebs Who Got Their Start in Horror Movies

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Horror movies are fantastic. Love them or hate them, you simply cannot resist them. From spine-chilling screenwriting to overused clichés, the movies have something for everyone in the audience. No wonder so many people are die-hard fans of horror classics and would stop at nothing to watch more!

A lot of now-famous celebs started their careers with a horror movie. And most of them ran around covered in fake blood trying not to be murdered. Here are some stars who started off as a part of the star-cast of horror movies:

George Clooney

The dashing A-listed actor started his career playing a cop investigating a string of high school murders in “Return to Horror High” in 1987. He sadly doesn’t make it in that movie, but we are glad that his career has made it in Hollywood.

Jim Carrey

Hollywood’s answer to heartwarming comedy, Jim Carrey played a high school student in the horror comedy “Once Bitten” in 1985. The film filled the audience with light thrill and excitement.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper started out with a very creepy British horror movie that follows five strangers staying in an isolated mansion. So much for the creeps!

Johnny Depp

The actor was introduced in the first Freddy film, “The Nightmare on Elm Street” in 1984, only to be killed on the screen. The movie started the Freddy Kruger series that still scares the audience.

Brad Pitt

The Hollywood heartthrob started out with “Cutting Class” in 1989 playing a local basketball star. The movie was a slasher horror and gave the audience a lot to be afraid of.

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