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Today’s adults are finding fun and funds in gaming. Following an easy signup and approval, they are betting at online casinos, enjoying their play, and sometimes winning big.

Some players are a little late to online gaming, but they are catching on quickly. The bells, whistles, and fireworks are winning them over.

Here’s What Happened

Atlantic City, NJ kept running into problems. To get themselves out of deep financial trouble, they legalized gambling in an effort to boost the state and regional economy. Casino owners swept in and converted many of the city’s once gracious old boardwalk hotels.

Then, they leveled more hotels  to the ground. They built some handsome new ones and some not so nice looking. But, the idea was to rejuvenate the city, turning its famous boardwalk into a Vegas Strip.

Unfortunately, the gambling interests rolled their dice at the wrong time as the nation entered a long and deep economic recession. Despite the recession, casino construction flourished, and tourists returned to Atlantic City.

But, there was something about this tourism that differed from Las Vegas. Atlantic City tourists were mostly senior citizens on bus trips from Philadelphia and New York. They entered the casinos from the backdoors, and they did not shop the boardwalk or party at the clubs. And, 10 years into the gambling era, Steve Wynne would sell his casino and return to success in Vegas.

New interests swooped in as real estate values declined, and Trump investments began to dominate the casino development until the next greater recession. So, since 2004, Atlantic City has struggled to sustain its gambling business, a significant tax base for the beleaguered city.

Those revenues reached a peak in 2008 and have declined steadily and sharply since then. So, there was little surprise when, as The New York Times reported (2016), 77.5% of New Jersey voters had rejected an attempt to expand gambling in the state. Still, online gambling through New Jersey online casinos is making a real difference.

According to Division of Gaming Enforcement, the March 2017 results show the physical casinos saw an increase of 9.3 in winnings, but the  NJ online casinos, which had less overhead, saw a 9% increase.


Why Online Casinos Succeed

Writing for Forbes, Darren Heitner notes, “online casinos come with much less expenses, and therefore are predicted to produce a larger return than land-based casinos.” Casinos built their huge institutions to compete with Vegas’s most striking architecture, but they never fully drew that same tourist base.

Online casinos come with the big names: Tropicana, Harrah’s, Caesar’s, and Golden Nugget. But, they don’t have the huge real estate maintenance, taxes, labor burden, and more.

Instead, they offer internet accessed gambling that relieves players from the expense and discomfort of traveling. Players don’t have to dress for the occasion or pay for food and gas. They can play at their convenience 24/7 with a click of the mouse.

Depending on the online casino you pick, you sign up with a credit card from which you can pay your bets and on which you can collect your winnings. Most casinos offer some form of coupon that gives you free money to play with if you comply with their terms and conditions.

Then, you can play slots until you drop. Depending on the site, you might also play poker, roulette, card games, and craps designed for online play. There’s also bingo and real and virtual sports betting.

You’ll want to comparison shop for those terms and conditions and for the most entertaining game formats. But, you will find it fun.

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