Mobile Casino Games: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Almost all big online gambling sites offer their players several options to play games: standard casino online games, flash versions and mobile games. Statistical data shows that 70% of casino online customers choose mobile versions of the games. That’s not surprising considering that a smartphone or a tablet is always with you. But it should be mentioned that mobile versions are considerably different from standard casino online games. To understand the main differences, advantages and disadvantages of mobile casino games should be discussed.

Key Advantages of Mobile Games

  • All serious online gambling sites offer only secure mobile games. You can be confident that your information and money are safe. Casino online takes care of security.
  • Today mobile versions of casino online games are available on almost all smartphones or tablets. Mobile device is always with you and that makes playing casino online games on smartphones even more attractive.
  • Simple and easy to learn. Even novice casino online player can figure out how to use mobile games. Downloading and installing online gambling applications is simple and quick. Average time casino online players spend to install mobile casino is 15 minutes.

Disadvantages of Mobile Games

Lower quality of mobile games. This is the reason mobile games are less appealing than standard versions of casino online games. Besides, low internet speed on mobile devices affects quality of the games.

Graphics and additional features are much worse than standard games on online gambling sites. Unfortunately, that is really true. But we should highlight that online gambling software developers do everything they can to improve these aspects.

Mobile versions are not offered at every casino online. This is probably the most significant disadvantage mobile casino games have.

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