Max Polyakov: A Retiree Who Won Three Hundred Thousand Dollars in Gambling

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The story of Max Polyakov who is 65 years old gambler

Max Polyakov came from a simple family. Sadly, Max’s died in a car accident while he was still young. Since then, Max and his siblings faced a lot of challenges. The hardships force Max to work hard in school in order to be successful in future.

A couple who were unable to have kids visited Max’s school and they chose to adopt him and later moved to Thailand.

A new family came to live next to the home of Max Polyakov. In that family, there was a daughter named Karen who was so beautiful. Max loved her since the first time he set his eyes on her.

Max Polyakov wanted the best life. So, he joined university and later graduated and then got married to Karen.

They rented a small house to live in. Later, they were expecting a baby and they were excited about it.


Unforeseen changes in the life of Max Polyakov

When the time to give birth came, Karen had complications. She gave birth to a girl but Max had to borrow money and even work day and night to cater to her treatment.

Max retired at 64 and he decided to start gambling.

Retiree Max Polyakov discovered Joy Casino and he loved it a lot that it became his 2nd home. He used to practice day and night in order to improve his skills.

One day, Max went to the casino as always but his life changed forever. He had won three hundred thousand dollars.

Max Polyakov was now able to buy a house.

Currently, Max Polyakov has a house at Pattaya beach. Max and Karen, they intend to start a café around there. Max also purchased a new machine which he could use to learn more about gambling. His wife is also learning how to gamble too.

A lot of people used to ask Max about how to win in gambling. So he decided to become a coach and teach others about gambling.


The café and casino games classes by Max Polyakov are now popular not only to the local people but to tourists as well. Max now has everything he ever dream of and he is living a happy life.


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