Luke! We’re Gonna Have Company! The 10 Best ‘Lukes’ in Pop Culture History

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

[SPOILER ALERT] Today my wife gave birth to our second child.

The littlest Decker will be called Luke, thus setting me up for 40+ years of “no, I am your father” jokes, which was pretty much the whole point.

Besides Luke Skywalker, the name Luke is well represented in television, movie and comic book history. As a tribute to my new bundle of Jedi, let’s take a look at 10 of the best Lukes in pop culture history.


Luke Dunphy

The youngest child of Claire and Phil Dunphy, (one of) Modern Family’s resident dullards is brilliantly played by actual genius Nolan Gould.

luke dunphy_opt


Luke Perry

This picture rules.



Bushwacker Luke

Luke is the one on the right. I think.



Luke Puke

Twin of Richie Retch, Luke Puke was one of the more easily named Garbage Pail Kids. Give 10 kids the name Luke, tell them to pitch their best GPK ideas, guarantee 8/10 come up with Luke Puke. Too easy, but a classic GPK.

luke puke


Luke Wilson



Luke Easter

Can I get a sport?

luke easter_opt


Luke Duke

Wopat Gangnam Style!



Luke Cage

When casting Luke Cage in a Marvel movie, please don’t give us The Rock again. Please.



Cool Hand Luke

“sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand”

cool hand luke


Luke Skywalker

No surprises here.



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