Could this Insane Plot Twist for the Boba Fett Spinoff Star Wars Movie Be True?

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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 19, 2014

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Latino Review posted this story regarding a possible plot twist that will shape the story of the stand alone Boba Fett movie (although Jesse Plemons has already debunked one of LR’s other claims in that post):

To counter-act the prequels, the Boba Fett spin-off movie planned for 2018 has an interesting twist pitched by Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan: the spin-off will start with a complete stranger killing Boba Fett and taking his armor, starting a Man-With-No-Name bounty hunter tale. So: someone kills the Boba Fett from the prequels and takes his armor and name. One thing is for certain is that Kasdan didn’t like the prequel and wants no Boba Fett Clone in the spin-off film. Sounds a lot like a Western and it sounds like it could restore a fan-favorite character that was totally a little boy with thousands of versions of his father running around. Or it could just be a lot of stupid rib-elbowing about this stranger doomed to fall into a Sarlaac pit in the most anti-climactic franchise exit ever.

It’s not quite as bad as the notion of a Force-sensitive, lightsaber wielding retconned Boba Fett, but this still seems a little too convoluted and forced. Most importantly, take this all with the tiniest grain of salt possible, since Star Wars movie “news” leaks daily and is then debunked faster than Tom Hanks can disappear an iPad.

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Although Disney has not officially announced a Boba Fett spinoff film, since revealing the plans for stand alone films there has been much speculation that Fett would be the star of one. Captain America director Joe Johnston conceived the visual design of Boba Fett back in the 70s, as an employee at Industrial Light and Magic, and has long been rumored as director of a potential Fett film.

So how does this rumor sit with you? For that matter, how does the idea of a Boba Fett movie sit with you? I know not all of us are as enamored with the character in the first place.

  • Andrew Hollingshead

    Are you serious?!!!!! Why would Boba get killed off, are you fucking stupid Disney! Good Job George for selling Lucasfilm to Disney! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • Shadow Wookiee

      I heard there was a trilogy back in the 70′s and 80′s where the character already died…

      • ty

        Thats funny, I heard the same thing!

      • HowardTheDeck

        For real? He must have had a pretty bad ass death scene based on how beloved he remains to this day! No?

      • Chris Mahr

        Hell…at least Greedo got a shot off…

  • Haku

    This is complete idiotic bullshit. You can’t just say fuck you to the prequels as bad as they were. It doesnt matter if you didnt like them, they fucking happened. They established Boba Fett’s back story and expanded on the Star Wars universe. If you dont like what they did, thats fine (and too fucking bad) but dont think that you can just get away with changing a hugely important part of a beloved character, despite how much others may not like it. People love Boba Fett, and he does have a bad back-story, but it’s part of the character. Use it, or fuck off.

    And to those who dont know, Boba Fett didnt die from the Sarlacc Pit, he escaped (like the badass that he is) and became a very important character in several large stories.

    • Joshua Raymond

      It wouldn’t be any worse than the midichlorians, or Anakin Skywalker’s virgin birth. Or having devolving Darth Vader into an annoying little brat and whiny teenage douche-bag. The prequels were full of annoying retcons, so retconning the retcons doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But it’s probably just a dumb rumor anyway, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you.

      Oh, and nowhere in the six Star Wars movies does Boba Fett escape the Sarlacc Pit. If you try to say he escaped, you’re the one changing his history.

      • Haku

        Except none of those examples are retcons or changes, they’re expansions. All the prequels did was expand on previously known concepts. Granted they were terrible and unnecessary expansions, but they didnt change the overall concepts of the ideas. Darth Vader was reduced to a whiny brat, but he still ended up as Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith that we all know and love. The Force was reduced to microscopic bacteria, but it was still the goddamn Force that everyone has tried to do at least once. These are not changes to the Force, which was never given a real explanation in the OT, nor was it a change to Darth Vader, as it was simply a history lesson. And yes, Boba Fett DID escape the Sarlacc Pit in the Extended Universe, which is considered canon. His birth as a clone, his life as a bounty hunter, and his escape from the Sarlacc Pit are all part of the character. Simply killing off the character simply because you dont like his history and backstory is complete bullshit as its an insult to the character itself.

        I really do hope this ends just a rumor, or at least an incomplete part of the overall movie; Boba Fett was once almost killed, which ended up with his identity being stolen by some stranger who was later killed by Boba Fett. If they end up making this story into the movie, I won’t mind at all because it’s an actual event that happened to the character, its not a change or retcon as explained in this, and several, articles.

        • Dale Van Brocklin

          The writers of the new Star Wars movies are ignoring ALL expanded universe stories, so none of the novels, games, countless comics and fan fiction are now canon. Everything in the new movies will be brand new. …….and Boba Fett died in that Salracc Pit, he’s gone pecan…..

  • DNAsplitter

    Love it as it would wash that taste of the craptacular prequels out of my mouth. But because it’s Disney owning it I don’t see this happening. “How can you sell toys if their dead?” – Disney Exec

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