How to Get a Job at Disney World

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Disney is always on the lookout for new talent to join the hundreds of thousands of employees they already have, so if you’ve only ever dreamed of working for Disney, now’s your chance to get involved. Getting a job isn’t particularly easy, though, as you’ll need to not only possess various personal skills to set you apart from other candidates but you’ll also need to undertake various training programs to ensure you meet the criteria. If you’re looking to work at Disney World, here are some of the steps you’ll need to take.

Ensure You Have the Right Personal Qualities

Disney isn’t a huge success just because of the unique business model; it’s a success because the employees ensure guests have a magical experience whatever resort they’re staying at. You’ll need a huge list of personal qualities to have any chance of being considered for a role at Disney World. The confidence to make children and their families laugh, the ability to story tell, and excellent customer service skills are mandatory.

Carefully Consider the List of Roles Available

There are thousands of roles available at Disney World so you’ll want to consider the various roles available to make sure you apply for one that’s well suited to your previous work experience and personality. You can look at the available roles by clicking here.

Complete Work Experience in a Customer Focused Role

Almost any Disney job will require you to work face to face with customers, so having work experience on your resume that shows you’ve previously worked with customers will be a great help when you submit your application. You could even go to a Disney partner like Premiere Program to see if there are any roles available that could eventually see you working for Disney.

Do Your Homework

Everyone knows what Disney is about, but it takes more knowledge to have any chance of landing a dream job at Disney world. Look at Disney employment statistics, their ambition and different businesses serving different industries to give yourself ammunition when it comes to the interview.

Do What It Takes to Get Your Application Seen

Disney is a huge company and they get hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of applications every year. Some say they even throw new applications on a pile that they never even get through because of the sheer volume of applications that are mailed. It’s up to you to get your application seen by a professional, whether that’s via traditional or digital viral methods. There is a story going around of a girl named Malcolm who broke into the Disney recruitment offices and put her face to an application she sent in months ago. She got interviewed and offered a job there and then because she was willing to do what no one else was. Of course, this wasn’t legal and it’s not recommended, but you get the idea.

If you’re willing to follow the above steps and do what it takes to get your application seen, there’s no reason why you can’t land your dream job working for your favorite childhood company.

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