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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on July 5, 2013

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Happy 5th of July!

More importantly, it’s Friday- which means it’s time for the Three-for-All.

Feel free to reply to one, two or all three questions. As always, your follow up original questions are welcome in the comments.


1.  Would you rather be a member of the Channel 4 News Team or the Justice League? Consider everything.

2.  What would be worse: realizing mid-dump that you’re in the wrong gender restroom -OR- having to ride on a tauntaun to a job interview? (and you can’t have him drop you off a block away)

3.  What’s the last television show that you watched regularly solely because you were attracted to someone on it? (couldn’t care less about the plot, any other characters/cast members)


Looking forward to your answers!


  • Jason Gross

    1. I’ll take the channel 4 team. To much responsibility in the Justice League.

    2. Worse? I think the majority of women think men are disgusting so taking the Browns to the Superbowl in the wrong restroom wouldn’t be that bad. I think if your interviewer saw you tie up the tauntaun out front they’d think you were from some weird Hoth Amish cult and never hire you.

    3. Can’t think of anything recently, but a good example of this was House of Style on MTV. No one watched it for the style. Should have been called House of Cindy.

    Bonus. which are you more likely to purchase based on an music album you really enjoy, a remixed album or an unplugged album?

    • Howard Decker

      House of Style! absolutely right.

      Great question. I’ll say it depends on the artist, but generally I’d lean remixes I think.

  • Chad E. Young

    1. Justice League, so I can stare at Zatanna and Wonder Womans asses.

    2. Believe it or not, option number 1 has happened to me before.. So I pick that one.

    3. This is a hard one, because I can’t think of many good examples. I guess Woder Woman. It wasnt great tv but man…lynda filled that suit perfectly. That said it took me years to actually watch the show on normal speed and with the sound on. Lol.

  • SharePointJoe

    1. Justice league, chances are that i’m a superhero and I can live forever doing the right thing..or the wrong thing.

    2. Women are disgusting. Their bathrooms are disgusting. (As disgusted on a previous podcast). My mode of transportation to the job interview is the TaunTaun? Sold. And it doubles as a “sleeping bag”.

    3. Jeez. So many. Bernadette on Big Bang.

    • Howard Decker

      Good point on #1 & 2. I’m glad you said Bernadette for 3, for a while I thought I was the only one. Smokin’.

      • Kevin Hellions

        Are you kidding me? She is just unreal. Maybe better than Penny. And they dress her down too.

        • Howard Decker

          Totally. Oh Melissa Rauch made the 100 Hottest Actresses on TV list, dont you fret!

  • Lamar the Revenger

    1. Channel 4. Workplace drinking!

    2. Tauntaun! Especially if it’s a female interviewer. Women love animals.

    3. Probably America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern is pretty good on it.

    Bonus Question: Get a haircut cut from a barber you’ve know & get great haircuts from or a real crappy haircut from a pretty woman just so she rubs her body into you during it? (Been there but I perfer #1)

    • Howard Decker

      10am scotch!

      Good point AND they are eco-friendly. Especially if you get the tauntaun Prius.

      3. Did you read the question right? I mean, Stern is an attractive guy and all..

      Great question, and one I’ve been faced with a few times. I usually go for option 2 and hope the cut is manageable. Can always just buzz it if its awful.

      • Lamar the Revenger

        oops I didn’t read it right. crap. bear with me.

        • Howard Decker

          It’s all good. I just had to mess with ya. Above all I appreciate the comment and you always participating in the three-for-all!

  • Kevin Hellions

    1. Justice League.
    I picture the Justice League Unlimited Watchtower with all the heroes living up there. Specifically the episode where Green Arrow is checking out Black Canary in the locker room. Just live up there and watch all the pretty girls. Can always come back to life too, should anything bad happen.

    2. Shit in the girls bathroom. Listen, I didn’t let it phase me last week when I went into the Target bathroom and all stalls besides the handicap were occupied. So I went in and really let loose some low price filth. Only to come out and come face to face with a man on crutches who really needed that handicap stall. Which, by the way, I was in for so long what was once the only free stall is now the only occupied stall. What do you do? I shrugged it off and washed my hands. Girls bathroom is nothing compared to that embarrassment.

    3. ESPN Bodyshaping. With equal self service to Kiana’s Flex Appeal. I smell an article!

    Bonus from Jason:
    Honestly, which ever one sounds best. Even if its all of them. I think Nirvana Unplugged is one of the best CDs ever. Rob Zombie has many remix albums and they’re just as awesome. If its good I’ll buy either. That said I do have more unplugged than remix in my collection.

    Bonus from Lamar:
    Most of my adult life its been a mixture of the two. Average cut from above average cuteness. Never had an expensive “real” “professional” cut and I’ve done alright. May as well get the “eh I can live with this” cut while having something to look at.

    • Howard Decker

      Hilarious story. And Flex Appeal might be the best answer to any Three-for-All (thanks again for the title) question yet. Perfect.

  • tanya

    Channel 4



  • Quinn

    Sorry I missed this, holiday weekend.

    Gimme the JLA, the tauntaun ride, and How I Met Your Mother. Cobie Smulders was so hot in s1 and 2 that it roped me in for good

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