Wife Pretty Hall of Fame Nomination: Ali Larter

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. My birthday. Yes, today is my birthday. Please wish me a happy one or else…

Now that that’s over with let’s move on. I would like to inform you that today is also Ali Larter’s birthday. Please don’t say ‘Ali who?’ – it would kill me. How about this…remember the chick that was gracious enough to don a whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues? Yeah that Ali. (Fun Fact: it was actually shaving cream because the whipped cream wouldn’t stick right.)

In honor of both of our birthdays, I would like to nominate Ms. Larter for the Wife Pretty Hall of Fame. What are her credentials? Glad you asked.

[CLICK HERE to check out the entire Wife Pretty Hall of Fame]

Courtesy of IMDB:

Ali was born Alison Elizabeth Larter on February 28th 1976 (sounds familar) in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She started modeling at the age of 13 and eventually ended up in Hollywood. Her big break was Varsity Blues (see above) and she moved over to the horror genre with House on Haunted Hill and Final Destination. She’s been in her fair share of movies (that I won’t bore you with) and ended up on TV, starring in Heroes in 2006.

and there’s this.

So what really makes her eligible? How about the fact that she’s good friends with Amy Smart? Or that she’s been consistently placed on various Hottest/Sexiest lists?

You may not think she’s a worthy nominee but too bad because this is my birthday wish… for Miss Larter to be inducted into the Wife Pretty Hall of Fame.

You can follow her on Twitter @therealalil (unconfirmed account).

“I hate pretty-looking boys. I’d rather have a guy with a potbelly than one who’s in the gym all the time and watches what he eats.” – Ali Larter


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