From Sexy Jedi to Surly NFL Coaches: UnderScoopFire’s Day Out

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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 23, 2013

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I had a playdate!


Well, two actually.

Yesterday I was cordially invited to visit with two of my favorite websites. I did my best to be witty and clownish yet respectful and courteous. It’s a tough personality cocktail to maintain.

Do me a solid and check out each site! (Even if you don’t read it, just click it. I’ll be your best friend.)

Here’s a quick teaser for each:


A really fun, quick read (and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it)- Red Headed Mule’s January Comics Chat is with.. me! RHM mastermind Clarence Riley and I talk Star Wars, Deadpool, Bea Arthur, Aquaman, Spider-Man’s girlfriend and more.

January Comics Chat with UnderScoopFire’s Howie Decker (on Red Headed Mule)


AND check out my guest column on Junior D Sports where I examine current NFL head coaches vs coaches of the past (like Shula, Gibbs, Vermeil) and why there’s such a difference in how they carry themselves. I swear a lot, so there’s that.

Do You Have to be a Dick to be a Successful Head Coach in Today’s NFL? (on Junior D Sports)


Have I told you all how much I love you? I love you.




  • Jules

    It’s always fun to see bloggers I like step out of their own control panel. Good stuff!

    • Howie Decker

      Thank you!

  • AG

    Cool! Looking forward to checking these out.

    • Howie Decker

      Awesome- I appreciate it!

  • Brian Morin

    Great stuff in the NFL head coach column. A recommended read. Thanks Howie.

    • Howie Decker

      Excellent, thanks for the feedback Brian. I appreciate it.

  • jeets

    Dude don’t go spreading yourself too thin- next thing I know there will be no posts on USF and that is not an optimal situation. Just kidding glad to see you networking and branching out. I dug the NFL post- any chance we could see more sports content on this site? you are obviously a fan.

    • Howie Decker

      Thanks! I’ve done a few sports related things here: sports divorce, 10 teams w no excuse for losing, etc. i’m open to doing more if the audience is there.

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