From God to Chauffeur: The Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

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by UnderScoopFire Staff & Contributors on February 4, 2012

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I know this made the rounds a long time ago, but I had never seen it until recently. This Morgan Freeman Chain of Command is a hilarious way to show the wide range of roles he’s performed in through the years.

If you dig this kind of thing, check out the Nicolas Cage Matrix infographic too.

  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    There has to be an infographic of the ways Samuel L. Jackson has died in movies… Or if there isn’t, there needs to be.

    • Howie Decker

      someone has to have made that, and you’re right if not, it’s great subject material. I looked into making an infographic recently- way over my head

  • James

    I actually have not seen this. Not bad. The Cage one is good too

    • Howie Decker

      yeah I dug the Cage one. Thanks for checking it out

  • ShezCrafti

    Where does Lucius Fox fit in?

    • Howie Decker

      After I posted this I was away from the computer and that same thought hit me- actually it was “Wait, did I see Lucius Fox on there? I don’t remember seeing him!” Then totally forgot to go back and put a note about it in the little write up

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