Forget The Music, These Are My 7 Favorite (Pop Culture) Carols!

by Corey Chapman @chapmanrunner

It’s less than a week until Christmas, and if you weren’t already sick of hearing holiday carols on the radio six weeks ago, you have to be by now. Even I am, and I normally subject my family to a non-stop onslaught of Yuletide music from November 1st on. So instead of listing my favorite Christmas Carols, this year we will celebrate and honor my favorite “Carols’ of pop culture.

Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead– she has had a rough go at it since the whole Zombie plague, including losing her abusive husband and young daughter to the undead. Carol has grown into a strong, independent woman that never flinches when she has to ram a screwdriver into a walker’s head.

carol walking dead_opt


Carol Seaver, Growing Pains– The nerdy second child of Jason and Maggie, Carol was always in the shadow of cool older brother Mike. She persevered through her brother’s fat jokes and even the death of a boyfriend (Sandy!) to become a corporate lawyer.



Carroll O’Connor– His acting career spanned four decades and he was best known for his roles as working class bigot Archie Bunker in All In The Family/Archie Bunker’s Place and small town police chief William Gillespie in the television adaptation of In The Heat of The Night. 



Joe Barry Carroll– former first overall pick in the 1980 NBA Draft, Carroll spent ten years in the NBA, bouncing around between five teams including the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. He was doomed from the beginning, given the nicknames “Joe Barely Cares” and “Just Barely Carroll.” He never lived up to his potential, and quietly retired from the game in 1991.



Carol Alt– any explanation needed? 

carol alt_opt


Carol Burnett- probably the most multifaceted comedienne in  American history and high on our list of the 50 Funniest Women of All Time.



Carol Vessey, Ed- Before portraying Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, Julie Bowen was best known for her role as the cute high school English teacher Ed Stevens returns to Ohio to woo. To the naked eye, it was clear she was WAY out of Ed’s league, but as the series progressed, she proved to be a romantic match for the lovable goofball and (SPOILER ALERT) married the guy.

carol vessey


Honorable Mention: Carol Leifer, Carol Channing, Carol Kane, Carol King

Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner) has been selling his whole life, nowadays he happens to get paid for doing it. His long term goal is to retire young and spend his days watching old episodes of Saturday Night Live and tweeting about “the good old days”. He produces and edits the UnderScoopFire podcast.

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