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The Indian gaming scenario has changed significantly over the few years. Where it is once just about picking a few casual games or limiting oneself to the free PC games, it is today about the most challenging and creative games possible. With 75% of players picking up a game even before they turn 20, the industry is changing and growing rapidly.

What was also seen as per a recent research done by SuperData along with PayPal that Indians love games that put enough emphasis on physical challenges like fighting, platform and shooter games. In fact, it captures, 65% of the games downloaded in India. However, if we are talking just about women gamers, they prefer puzzle-based games. It stimulates the thinking process, yet is casual enough for entertainment.

So, what’s that clearly seen in today’s gamers? The Indian gamers are looking for quality games that gives them value for the time spent and the money they put in the game, whether freemium or paid.

Where are the players going?

When it comes to game downloads, the Google Play Store is the undisputed winner with a share of 73%, closely followed by Amazon at 66% and Apple App Store 22%. With India, predominantly having an Android based user base, this of course doesn’t come as a surprise. However, the interesting thing to note is that Indian audience is also open for downloading apps directly from game websites to play the games they love. Popular rummy card game by RummyCircle has over 8 million registered users with the downloads happening directly by APK on the website. There are other games like Teen Patti and poker that have a strong player base and don’t hesitate when it comes to downloading the game directly from the source.

And where are they hearing about these awesome games? Well, as per the report, 52% Indian players rely on the recommendations coming from friends and family members. There is another big chunk around 44% that come from the suggestions offered in gaming forums. YouTube video reviews also have a strong following however, the professional game reviews fall behind, when compared with the others.

The Fuel Behind this Gaming Trend

Today, the number of active online gamers is approximately 35 lakhs against just 60,000 around four years ago. It is the revolution that has come in smartphones, affordable gaming PCs, and budget friendly internet availability that’s driving this trend. However, on the flip side, it is the speed of the internet that remains the biggest pain point for over 44% of the gamers.

With more of digital games having the requirement to play live when you have an active data connection, a slow internet can really kill the game. As per the report by NASSCOM, the mobile games market is expected to become worth $1.1 Billion by 2020. However, this wouldn’t be possible, if we don’t have a stable internet connection to support us.

Localization Touches the heart

Indians love games that resonate with what they have played and experienced in the past. Popular Indian games like ludo, scrabble, chess, rummy, teen patti are still among the most popular with their digital avatars. Even if the players haven’t played the games in their physical space, they are comfortable in trying them out. In fact, it is quite simple with quick tutorials available with these games. Players can understand the rummy rules, the tricks to make the right moves in chess and the smart way to score high in scrabble, with fast help videos and tutorials.

Also, the research shows that there are more than 15% of Indian players who don’t play a game if it is not available in their language. So, having a game just in English is not what Indians are looking forward to. Online games that are available in regional languages make the players comfortable and improve their loyalty towards the game.


Online games are growing at a rapid speed and the choice of the player is also evolving with it. The gamer today is no longer the stereotypical person, tucked away in one corner. He’s the guy next to you at the gym, she’s the coworker with two kids, the neighbor you greet every day. Most commonly, it is you, spouse or friend. There are 50% of gamers feel that gaming makes them a strategic thinker while 47% believe that it improves their problem-solving ability. What the gamer is really looking for is mobility, affordability and aesthetics in a gaming system.

With developers introducing new concepts, the games are now more challenging, appealing and a complete entertainment package. With Jio changing the internet game in India, and games ready to offer what the players are expecting, India is one of the most promising and growing digital games market today.

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