Dendi: New Team, New Era

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Dendi’s departure from Na’vi came like a bolt from of blue, disappointing many team fans as well as giving a rise to numerous disputes over his next team. The Dota 2 superstar has been out of professional tournaments for over three months, except for fleeting appearances such as a stand-in for Team Secret and Vega Squadron for a handful of games. What is his next stop?

Officially confirmed: Dendi is not retiring from Dota, and is looking for team/players, which is a good piece of news for all those who periodically monitor the “buther’s” gaming life. Moreover, he regularly plays public games, primarily performing for Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, and Magnus – the heroes that don’t really fit the current patch (just like vintage slots won’t do for a fan of flashy games with modern graphics).   

When Natus Vincere CEO Yevhen Zolotarov announced that the then-team would be dropped and only one player would perform under the Na’vi banner, hardly anyone could think that this player would be somebody other than Daniel Ishutin. Na’Vi and Dendi seemed to be attached at the hip, as the player was performing for the team for about eight years.

Dendi’s career took an unexpected twist, and rumors about his next team began to spread. The first notable event that put the whole gaming world on its toes occurred when Clement “Puppey” Ivanov invited Daniel Ishutin to perform for Team Secret instead of MidOne on Autumn Brawl. Dendi didn’t have a chance to show his skill against his former team, playing two of three games for Drow Ranger.

Shortly after qualifying for the Dreamleague Season 10, Vega Squadron started looking for a stand-in on the mid lane as a substitution for MagE- who wasn’t able to take part in the tournament due to visa issues. Vega Squadron failed to go through the first obstacle, which, by some quirk of fate, was Na’vi team again. Dendi’s performance was pretty average.

Team Alliance: New Era With Dendi

It’s been a long time since Alliance performed at the top level, with the last major tournament won in early 2016. The recent reshuffles show that the management is slowly but steadily getting rid of Swedish members and attracting more international players to the team.

Michael “MiCKe” Vu is only 19, and in contrast with his Dota 2 peers, his performance is average. Daniel “Dendi” Ishutin must be a nice substitution for the current mid lane player of Alliance. The team may look as follows:

  • Carry: Maximilian “qojqva” Bröcker;
  • Mid lane: Daniel “Dendi” Ishutin;
  • Offlane: Samuel “Boxi” Svahn;
  • Support: Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi;
  • Support: Tommy “Taiga” Le;

Why Does Every Team Want to Snatch Up Dendi?

Dendi pioneered Dota 2 and made a huge contribution to its development, attracting legions of people to the game. Dota 2, in turn, made him an idol for hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world. To date, his Twitter account features over 474k followers while his twitch account has over 52 million views. The figures speak for themselves: the public loves Dendi. Thus, Dendi is a juicy player who will boost the ratings of any team that signs him.

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