Confessions of an UnderScoopFire Voltron: Guilty Pleasures

Way back in June 2012 when we released our first “Geek Confessions” podcast, within 48 hours it became the most-downloaded show in our podcast’s history.

Bottom line = you guys love to hear about the embarrassing things we love.

In that show, some of us (OK one of us) revealed embarrassing things like never having seen The Godfather.

This week, The League of Extraordinary Bloggers wants to know about everyone’s guilty pleasures. No getting off easy here by admitting things we haven’t seen – nope, this time we have to come clean about things we love, but probably shouldn’t.

We assembled what’s left of our podcast’s Roundtable Voltron (Corey, Joe, Tank & Howie) for this assignment. We (not so) proudly present The UnderScoopFire Voltron’s Guilty Pleasures, in no particular order:


Full House

Kristen Stewart

Cadbury Eggs




at least one Nickelback song


New Kids on the Block

Disney shows (Good Luck Charlie, A.N.T. Farm, Austin & Ally, etc)

the musical acts spawned by Disney shows (Bridgit Mendler, Ross Lynch, the girls from Shake It Up)

shake it up disney

Road House

Spaghettios w/ Franks

Point Break

Mer-Man’s voice

The 2 Coreys

girls with glasses

hot girl with glasses

Ghost Rider (the movie)

Dawson’s Creek

Bride of Chucky

anything that comes in a blind bag

Barry Manilow

Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling



The Bee Gees

Blue Chips

Moulin Rouge (the movie and the soundtrack)

Christopher Cross’ “Run Like the Wind”

brightly colored action figures


McDonald’s Pizza

mcdonalds pizza


The League is growing! For more information click here.


Some of the other Leaguers’ guilty pleasures:

ShezCrafti unapologetically loves Ace of Base

Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool has a vast Monster High collection (I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t eyed those up before)

The Goodwill Geek wants to delete their post as quickly as it published, but SHOULD be proud of it

Pop Rewind has a nice mix of TV, music, books and cartoons to feel guilty about

…and ‘Hold On”, Flashlights Are Something To Eat dropped the first ten that came to mind, and they’re fantastic

Dex loves him some 1D!

Achievements in Gaming is proud to love Magic the Gathering

Movie Hodge Podge goes all Bond on us

Team Hellions gets one in before Sunday night (and it involves some of television’s sexiest women)

and the Crooked Ninja Turtle starts with Pro Wrasslin and ends just as strong

To The Man Who Stares At Toys – ain’t nuttin’ wrong with a bad Kristy Swanson movie and some Golden Girls!


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