The Walking Dead

Keep Away From Daryl Dixon’s Turtle! More Bad Lip Reading of ‘The Walking Dead’

This video plays like one of those Mad Libs where you peek at the context when you’re filling it out so that the verbs and nouns you insert have maximum effect.

Nerd Up Your Social Media with These Pop Culture Fonts

Here are several free fonts from that you can use to nerd up your blog or social media profile.

The 10 Comic Books to Look Forward To Most in 2015

Comic books have become the engine that fuels the television and movie industry. 2015 will be a great year to hop aboard.

Details and Discussion of Chris Pratt’s Failed G.I. Joe Audition

If there’s two things we MAYBE love as much as (deep breath) Three’s Company, Soundwave, Deadpool, ¬°Three Amigos!, Golden Girls, Beast Man, The Walking Dead, M.U.S.C.L.E., Silverhawks, TMNT, Garbage Pail Kids, WWE, comic books, Star Wars and Voltron- it’s Chris Pratt and G.I. Joe.

What Current Television Show Would You Pledge a Loyalty Oath To?

Which comedy or drama do you solemnly swear to watch every episode of until it’s series finale, for better or worse, ’til [death/cancellation/brilliantly planned and executed finale] do you part?

Podcast #95 – Monster Mania, The Walking Dead, More

This week Joe, Tank and Corey start out of the gate singing and the craziness only takes off from there. They discuss Tank’s trip to Monster Mania and chat about what celebs he rubbed elbows (and smoked cigars with). Check out the debate about how the second half of this season of The Walking Dead¬†should […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale – The Unanswered Questions from ‘Too Far Gone’

Recap and questions surrounding the mid season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’.

‘The Walking Dead’: Are the Governor-centric Episodes ‘Dead Weight’?

Recapping the last episode before the mid-season finale!

BRIAN WAS HERE – ‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Live Bait’

The Walking Dead recap – season 4 episode 6