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  A guy applied for the head coaching position at the University of North Dakota with nothing but video game experience. “Hey coach, what should we do here?” “Chuck the pigskin.” ♦ When I first read this headline, I hoped she had crawled through 500 yards of human waste to her freedom. Just like Red [...]

Holy shit. Forget Batman vs. Superman and The Age of Ultron. These guys win.

Modern vampires no longer have to hide away in sub-standard accommodation during daylight hours. Instead they can live in a regular home, just like you and I. The only difference is that they have to be very careful to sleep in a room free from natural light.

In this day and age there’s a mobile out there that’s designed to be the perfect companion for every stage in life, from the cradle to the grave. It’s a reflection on how deeply intertwined our lives have become with our technological aides – we don’t just carry a phone in our pockets, we carry [...]

Thor has always been one of the heavy hitters of ancient mythology (I suppose the hammer helps with that) and thanks to Hollywood, Marvel comics, Kenneth Brannaghand Chris Hemsworth’s recent portrayal he’s now a household name in the modern era. Hollywood has perhaps understandably given Thor quite a makeover for his 21st Century iteration. Norse [...]