The Wife Pretty Hall of Fame

We’ve ranked the first 12 women to grace the cover of Maxim, in accordance with their level of sustained success and current fame.

Kids, I realize you’ve been on the couch for a really long time. Maybe I should land the plane. While “Future Ted Mosby” has kept his kids hostage on the couch for eight years as he regales them with every detail of his life leading up to the moment he met their mother, we’ve gotten [...]

Talk about worldly.   Hannah Simone was born in London, and began her career in Canada. Her father is Indian and her mother is German, Greek, Italian & Cypriot (that means= from Cyprus, I had to look it up. And yes, I taught high school geography for 1/2 year). After getting her start on Canada’s [...]

After a 3 month hiatus, preceded by a 4 month hiatus (equaling a grand total of one new inductee over the course of 8 months) the Wife Pretty Hall of Fame is back! We recently went back and filled in the gaps with one mega-induction to cover from May through August of 2012, and covered [...]

If you’re only aware of Jennifer Lawrence because of her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, you might think this is an odd induction. She’s still beautiful in that role, but the filmmakers intentionally disguise her age and beauty to fulfill the specifics of the role. Those who are familiar with the Louisville [...]

On episode #40 of our podcast, we nominated 25 candidates for Miss UnderScoopFire 2012. Each of us pitched the merits of our nominees to the other hosts and campaigned for their votes. After narrowing the field down to the Final Five, we left the voting up to you! Brooklyn Decker placed 3rd in the Miss USF 2012 fan [...]