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The 100 Sexiest Women on Television | 2016 Edition

These are the 100 hottest women on television in 2016.

The 100 Sexiest Women on Television | 2015 Edition

The difficulty with ranking the 100 Sexiest Women on Television in 2015 can be categorized into three super-sexy containers named after conspicuously missing actresses: Aubrey Plaza, Olivia Munn and Sophie Turner.

Put Away Yer ‘Sexy ___’ Costumes, Sydney Leroux’s ‘Sexy Robin Thicke’ is Unstoppable

Syd strikes again.

Where Are They Now? Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord- honestly I couldn’t even remember what I knew her from, but I knew she used to sit high atop the crush list.

The 11 Hottest Actresses You’ve Never Heard Of

When we released our 100 Sexiest Women on Television list, there was some backlash (see: Nicki Minaj), however a primary source of this was many readers never having heard of the actress who was #1 on our list. With that in mind, we realized that there are plenty of super-hot actresses out there who just […]

Review – GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Film directed by Brett Whitcomb. In the late 1980s, David McClane carved a niche in the worlds of professional wrestling and weekly television. His creation, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.), emphasized the innate goofiness of pro wrestling with a roster of women wrestling under colorful personas. G.L.O.W.’s blend of style and silliness kept it […]

Get It All Out, Topanga – You Won’t Be Able to Pose for Pics Like This When You’re Working for Disney

Danielle Fishel AKA Topanga from Boy Meets World (and one of the top 64 Childhood Crushes of All Time) recently graced the cover of Maxim. As awesome as the Bob Saget story she told was, (and eerily similar to the one Marianne Sierk told us on our podcast last year) the thing that struck me […]

Wife Pretty Hall of Fame February 2013 – Lyndsy Fonseca (Ted Mosby’s Daughter)

Kids, I realize you’ve been on the couch for a really long time. Maybe I should land the plane. While “Future Ted Mosby” has kept his kids hostage on the couch for eight years as he regales them with every detail of his life leading up to the moment he met their mother, we’ve gotten […]

Wife Pretty Hall of Fame January 2013: Hannah Simone

Talk about worldly.   Hannah Simone was born in London, and began her career in Canada. Her father is Indian and her mother is German, Greek, Italian & Cypriot (that means= from Cyprus, I had to look it up. And yes, I taught high school geography for 1/2 year). After getting her start on Canada’s […]