UnderScoopFIRE! Caption Contests

See below for previous contests and winners, and stay tuned for more contests to come! If you have an image to submit for our caption contest, email howard@underscoopfire or post it on our Facebook page!

Yo Joe! Last week, we offered a Zag Toys prize pack to the funniest and most original caption for this G.I. Joe image:     Thank you to everyone who entered and shared the contest! The image obviously didn’t lend itself to “originality” as it seems almost all of us thought the same thing – [...]

Here we go again!   It’s time for you to get creative. If you need some motivation, or just a good chuckle – check out our G.I. Joe or Saved By The Bell Caption Contests from the archive.   Hit the comments below with your caption. The winner will be lavishly applauded on Facebook, Twitter, [...]

Winning caption submitted by Chris Tanski As for the prize, the winner of the random drawing for the 2012 Saved By The Bell Wall Calendar is Dustin Cantey! Thank you to everyone who participated, be on the lookout for another caption contest coming soon!!

Thank you all for the overwhelming response! All of the submissions were very funny – based on the response, keep an eye out for future UnderScoopFire caption contests! After much deliberation, I couldn’t get this one out of my head: Winning caption submitted by Todd Hess. Honorable mention: I’m sorry, but I really think that [...]

Hit the comments below and leave us your best caption for the photo. Looking forward to the responses! The best caption will be featured on the site and we will also post it on our Facebook page and Twitter. Yo Joe!  

That’s right – this time the winner gets an actual prize! Due to the great response for our G.I.Joe caption contest, we are continuing the fun! What’s the prize, you ask? How about a fresh Saved By The Bell 2012 wall calendar? Why does such a thing exist? Who cares?! It’s real! Everyone who submits [...]