Partly metal, partly real. Tally Hawk!

Your Favorite 80s and 90s Cartoon Themes Like You’ve Never Heard Them

They’re all here, and they’re all incredible.

Pop Culture Rescue: The Silverhawks

Now that we’ve officially gotten our pop culture emergency certification, it’s time for our second rescue: The Silverhawks.

15 Pieces of Silverhawks Fan Art That Will Make You Want a Reboot

If you polled Nerd America and asked what property they’d most like to see rebooted, some people would say Firefly, many could choose The Legend of Zelda, some would even go with The Fall Guy– me? I’d go Silverhawks or the Greatest American Hero. Love for The Silverhawks is bountiful on this site, if you […]

Casting the Reboot: The Silverhawks

I was honored to be a guest on this week’s episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast to discuss G.I. Joe: Retaliation. If you’re interested in my full written opinion on the movie, go here. After discussing and reviewing current box office titles, we got to have some fun. Each of us on the podcast […]

Where Are They Now? The Silverhawks (HUMOR)

See which rental car company Quicksilver works for now (HINT: They’ll pick you up!).

The Silverhawks remind me of how spoiled I was

In 1985, Rankin/Bass had a hit on their hands with the Thundercats. “Hey, why don’t we make them birds instead of cats and put them in space?” Airtight. It worked for me, but it didn’t quite catch on as much as its predecessor. We discuss the Silverhawks television show, comic and Kenner toy line on […]