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Ask Mr. Serious Volume II: 80s Target Acquired

This week’s question comes from Brian via the UnderScoopFire comments:   If you were hired to assassinate your choice of 80s characters, who would you choose and how would you do it?   This question has the board game CLUE written all over it! I am going to go with Col. Mustard in the study […]

Ask Mr. Serious: Volume I

This week’s question comes from Jaimiee via Facebook. Jamie asks:   Can god microwave a burrito so hot he himself could not eat it? -Homer Simpson. Let me know   I could just answer “Yes” or “No” and be done but I don’t think that’s fair to you and quite frankly, it’s the easy way out. After giving it […]

Mr. Serious Presents: Confessions of a Black Friday Shopper

It started out as nothing more than perfect timing. My fiancé and I had just moved into our first apartment, armed with hand-me-down furniture and two 13 inch color televisions we had from our college years. It was mid November 2000, and we desperately needed an upgrade on our home entertainment system. At Thanksgiving dinner […]

5 Actresses Who are Better Looking Today than When We First Met Them

It’s tough getting old. You’re not as spry as you once were; it takes you a few extra minutes to remember where you left your keys and the stresses of life have taken a toll on your body, especially on your once flawless-skinned face. And like it or not, when we look back at photographs […]

John Tesh responds to ‘Mr. Serious Presents: A Love Letter to John Tesh’

Dear Mr. Tesh-   Enough is enough. You need to go away and you need to do it now. Its not that I don’t think you are a multi-talented superstar that has conquered almost every facet of the entertainment industry. It’s just, you are exposing me for the fraud I am: uncool. Recently I sat at […]

iPhone 5 – Worth the Upgrade?

It’s been a week since Apple announced the release of its latest game changer, the iPhone 5, to the general public. As a “junior” geek (just knows enough to be dangerous, not smart enough to know WHY I should have the latest gadgets), I was excited about all the possible innovations that would come with […]

Scorchcake of the Week: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

After gorging on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and Aunt Ginny’s homemade pumpkin pie, do you have any room left for cake? We hope so! Because the staff of are celebrating the 27th birthday of Mary Elizabeth Winstead today! The North Carolina native has had lead roles in Sky High, Final Destination 3, and this […]

Mr. Serious Presents: 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching the NHL

The NBA lockout is in full effect, and experts believe that even if the 2011-12 season can be saved, the players wont be back on the court until at least January. As days grow into weeks, the likelihood that the season will be scrapped looms over basketball fans everywhere. Fans have alternate outlets to get […]

Mr. Serious Presents: A Love Letter to Eddie Murphy

Dear Mr. Eddie Murphy- Hi! I hope you are well. My name is Corey and I am a huuuuuuge fan, from your early days on the small screen as a not ready for prime time player on “Saturday Night Live” to your break out theatrical performances in “Beverly Hills Cop” and “48 Hours”. Heck, I […]