Remember that?

So many stars and fads reached the pinnacle of their popularity in the 80s and 90s. Many of them have fallen off the radar since then. We intend to find ‘em.

Love at first sight. I will admit, this 12 year old was smitten with Cammie, the waitress townie that Chet falls for during the family vacation.

Catherine McCord- honestly I couldn’t even remember what I knew her from, but I knew she used to sit high atop the crush list.

In 1986, Rankin/Bass capitalized on the popularity of the Thundercats by releasing a space-version of the same basic characters. There was the fearless leader, the strong one, the super-hot girl, the second fiddle, and the youth(s). The Silverhawks were one of my favorite 80s properties. I have great memories of the toy line, and I’m [...]

It’s not often child actors land a starring role on a network sitcom. It’s even more rare when you do it twice. That’s exactly what Staci Keanan did. Keanan (born Anastasia Sagorsky) started in 1987, where she spent three seasons on the Paul Reiser-Greg Evigan NBC sitcom “My Two Dads”. The show revolves around Keanan’s [...]

When your grandfather is Henry Fonda and your father is Peter Fonda, chances are you are going to end up an actor in Hollywood. Its in your DNA. And that’s exactly what happened with Bridget Fonda. The Los Angeles born and raised actress celebrates her 48th birthday today. You read that right. 48. Where does [...]

Born January 24, 1979 on Long Island, New York, Tatyana Ali began her career as a child actress portraying Ashley Banks on the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She currently stars on the sitcom Love That Girl! on the TV One network, and has a recurring role on the CBS daytime soap The [...]