The Best of the 80s (and some of the 90s)

Nowadays, you can’t just grab someone and throw them in a pool without risking $100s in electronics. What other things ‘just aren’t the same’ anymore?

Here are a few Radio Shack 80s ad gifs that feature the action from start to finish. It truly is a whirlwind of nostalgia.

For every Nightmare on Elm Street, Dallas, and Dukes of Hazzard, however, there are plenty of 80s shows, movies and products that remain untouched.

Back in the day, three basic items were needed to transform your bedroom from a kiddie’s playroom into a teenager’s palace: a stereo, a television, and a telephone. And though it was nice to dub mixtapes or play Tecmo Bowl at your discretion, the privacy of your own phone became the greatest amenity as you [...]

Who knew Masters of the Universe, Jem, and G.I. Joe characters would make such great baby nicknames?

The 80s were the best decade to grow up in. We celebrate their bounty by looking back at yet another treasure that made the decade great: the cartoon opening themes.