5 Actresses this Computer Program Would Cast as Jaina Solo in Star Wars Episode VII

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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on November 5, 2012

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Two things about me that are no secret:


I am a huge Star Wars fan, and

I have a lot of time on my hands.

Sometimes those two things work in harmony and a post like this is the result.

Last week, in my Six Great Things Disney can do with Star Wars and on Podcast #52, I speculated on some things that Disney could do with their shiny new toy. Sitting at the top of my wish list is for whoever ends up helming the new movies to cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Whether he plays Ben Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Jiggle the Hutt, or Captain Doctor Rex, doesn’t matter to me- just cast him.

We don’t know what storyline the sequel movies will take the form of, so this is all still speculation- but if Episode VII does involve the twin offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia, that leaves the matter of casting our other main character, Jaina Solo.

Jaina would have to be played by an actress who can match talents with JGL. Natalie Portman would have been perfect (yet another reason it’d be better if the prequels never happened).

Stumped for ideas, I loaded the Jaina Solo image above into MyHeritage.com‘s celebrity look-alike facial recognition generator. It generated 10 possible candidates, and I thought 5 of them were interesting (click the link to see which ones I weeded out, and Samantha Micelli apologists can direct their hate mail to howard@underscoopfire.com).

Here were the suggestions, with the percentage of facial match:


Elisha Cuthbert 98%


Katie Holmes 96%


Kristanna Loken 90%


Kate Beckinsale 90%


Eliza Dushku 90%


If Star Wars Episode VII does in fact follow the story of the next generation, there are some interesting casting suggestions here, depending on the characters’ ages in the new films.

I could certainly see Wife Pretty Hall of Famer Kate Beckinsale as the grown daughter of Han & Leia. This would preclude the casting of Gordon-Levitt as the other twin, since he is 8 years her junior, so in that case he’d make a great cousin (Ben Skywalker).

What are your thoughts? Who could you see playing the offspring of the most beloved generation of Star Wars characters?


  • http://www.shezcrafti.com ShezCrafti

    Meh. Even though they look the part, none of these choices are really blowing my skirt up. But I know it’s the generator’s fault, not yours. At least none of them are K-Stew. (I do love me some Eliza Dushku, though.)

    Personally, I think the sequels should follow in the footsteps of the original trilogy and introduce us to new faces. The demands and expectations placed on the roles will be too great, and the fanboys will have too many pre-conceived notions.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      I agree with the new faces completely, as long as they also cast familiars to bridge the gap (Mark Hamill, et al).

      Everyone’s money would be on Dushku if Whedon was directing.

      If the Lindelof rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how many LOSTies we get. Henry Ian Cusick would be acceptable as an Imperial operative.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      PS being able to use the phrase that does/doesn’t “blow my skirt up” has to be one of the greatest benefits of being female or Scottish.

      • http://www.shezcrafti.com ShezCrafti

        There aren’t many benefits to begin with, so I’ll agree.

  • Brian Morin

    All I know is that Jaina Solo is smokin hot. Is it wierd that I want to do bad things with a drawing?

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      that artist’s rendition of her is super hot, right? She looks like Jennifer Connelly with less eyebrow

    • RichiLew

      I totally agree with the generator…get Elisha to dye her hair dark and she is perfect for the role. She’s already super freakin hot and I can totally see the fanboys going crazy and posters of Jaina Solo on the wall!

      • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

        Absolutely. And if she gets in trouble with a Wampa or something, Jack Bauer can save her!

  • http://www.rediscoverthe80s.com Jason “SockofFleagulls” Gross

    Eliza should be cast as Count Dushku, a female robotic Sith lord.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      There’s Bad Joke of the Week material in there somewhere..

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  • Chris C

    Since this is the first of 3 movies, I figure the actress should be late teenage years so she can grow with the role. I’d suggest Victoria Juatice.

    • Howard Decker

      I can get behind that.

  • Star Raven

    I love jaina, but I really like jacen too. When I heard about the showdown they had in invincible, I was torn about who I wanted to win. I hope they pick a good actress to play Jaina Solo.

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