Car Tech Trends That Made A Big Splash at CES 2020

Consumers are becoming aware of the  emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles in the market today, with 22% of the buying populace considering getting one for their use, and 4% willing to go for an all-electric vehicle. These numbers may rise in the future as car tech is constantly evolving and can make driving a more convenient, if not safer, for those behind the wheel.

With  technology being a staple in our homes these days, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear car manufacturers producing hybrid vehicles equipped with impressive technology for the consumer’s safety and entertainment. That said, let’s take a closer look at the car tech trends that have been recently unveiled at CES 2020.

Jeep Gets Electrified

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is planning on transforming their entire line of the iconic Jeep into e-vehicles. This also includes  plug-in hybrids that can go up to 30 miles of battery life before switching to its gas function. The company is striving to  make their vehicles more eco-friendly with this move, while giving the Jeep a modern look.

Fewer Control Modules

With modern vehicles being equipped with numerous functions, the processors that are often installed in them can run up to 100. Today, Tier 1 suppliers, such as Bosch, Visteon, and Aptiv are  integrating smaller modules into the bigger ones such as for infotainment, safety, and for the engine room. This means that there is less wiring to deal with, but connectivity will still work with only required data being shared between the three.

Car Seats to Lounge Chairs

With cars becoming self-driven nowadays, car companies are focusing their attention on creating more comfortable seating for consumers. BMW is fleshing out this idea with three variants, two of which are still in the concept stage, while the third version will be included in the BMW X7 SUV. Think Zero Gravity seats that allow you to tilt your car seat to 60 degrees including the seat pan. Although car companies advise against using this function while driving, but passengers may enjoy this reclining feature soon enough.

Car technology is one factor that consumers consider when they are planning on buying a vehicle. Based on CES 2020, car companies are not disappointing their customers with the tech trends they are promising to produce soon. After all, we are talking about comfort, convenience, entertainment, and safety here.

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