5 Ways to Bring G.I. Joe Back to Television

A lot of us Joe fans were disappointed when G.I Joe: Renegades was cancelled. It was by no means perfect, but it was new G.I Joe content, and it had a fun “A-Team meets ARAH” feel to it. It’s a shame that we haven’t heard news of a planned animated special at the very least to support the 50th anniversary of the line, and it seems Comic Con would have been the forum for such an announcement.

It’s time we fans take matters into our own creative hands. Here are 5 ways to bring G.I. Joe back to television:

Extensive Enterprises

I’m picturing this as a FOX or CW show along the same lines as Gotham or Arrow. It would be primarily based on the cut-throat corporate dealings of twin brothers Tomax and Xamot, but could slowly incorporate other elements of the G.I. Joe universe as the series progressed.

extensive enterprises show_opt

Think of it this way: Extensive Enterprises is to G.I. Joe as Better Call Saul is to Breaking Bad. They exist as part of the larger universe, but we are mainly focused on their day-to-day dastardly deeds. Like Walter White, Cobra Commander is out there, but we’d probably only see him in the season finale.

tomax and xamot actors Twin actors James and Oliver Phelps have “Crimson Twins” written all over them

Just as Arrow has done for The Flash, EE could help spin certain cameo characters or groups into their own shows, such as The Dreadnoks, a particularly engaging Crimson Guardsman named Fred, or a Dr. Mindbender “freak of the week” type show chronicling his ghastly experiments gone wrong.


A G.I. Joe Kre-O show

LEGO has partnered with Cartoon Network in the past to develop shows based on their properties, such as Ninjago and Chima. How cool would an animated G.I. Joe Kre-O program be? I’d even settle for a stand-alone hour long special for starters.

kreo gijoe show

Since the G.I Joe Kreon figure designs are based on the retro look of the characters (as opposed to the modern movie redesigns), it could follow a Sunbow style of storytelling (complete with things like a Kre-O MASS DEVICE!). This would even give Hasbro the opportunity to develop more Kre-O toys based on things introduced on the show. We could even (gasp!) get a new G.I. Joe or Cobra character, existing only in the Kre-O realm! And just imagine the possibility of a Kre-O USS Flagg.


G.I. Joe: Recruits

Stay with me on this one. G.I. Joe: Recruits would capitalize on the relative popularity of shows like American Ninja Warrior and Broken Skull Challenge that run in the summer when network series are on hiatus.

Playing like an “America’s Next Action Star” type of reality competition, the show would feature athletic contestants who compete in a series of Joe-themed physical events. They could name obstacles and events after characters or G.I. Joe settings, and call the main event obstacle course “The Terrordrome”. Contestants who “infiltrate” The Terrordrome would be able to achieve “G.I. Joe Recruit” status, and get a codename of their choice.

kacy catanzaro

Continuing with the decades-old theme of incorporating real world role models into the G.I. Joe lore (Sgt. Slaughter, The Fridge), producers could make media-friendly American darling Kacy Catanzaro an honorary G.I. Joe (codename: Warrior) to endorse and promote G.I. Joe: Recruits. After dominating the American Ninja Warrior course and becoming a viral social media sensation, she would be the perfect ambassador for the show and the Joe television property. Get The Rock (AKA Roadblock) to intro the first episode, and then turn it over to a regular host for an 8-week summer run.


The Dreadnoks

Mentioned earlier as a potential spinoff of an Extensive Enterprises show, most G.I. Joe fans would LOVE to see the Dreadnoks in their own series, no matter what format or network. Picture an AMC or FX program with someone like Norman Reedus getting top billing.


The Dreadnoks wouldn’t even need to be too cartoony, just a motorcyle gang that carries out undesirable tasks for the highest bidder. Different “capers” each week with some kind of overarching theme, perhaps the intro of Zartan as the big bad looming toward the end of season one.


Bring Back G.I. Joe: Resolute

A commitment to something like Resolute would demonstrate that Hasbro is willing to skew toward the adult collector instead of trying to appeal to a new generation of younger fans, a path many of us feel they would be wise to take.

gi joe resolute

I loved the animation style and the retro-true design of the characters, but I’m sure there are some behind-the-scenes machinations at work here preventing the show from coming back, despite the fact that IMDb lists the show’s run as “2009 – ” implying it was never officially canned. Resolute has a lot of built in fans, so spinning the existing 11 episodes into an ongoing series seems like the most traditional route, although it would take a lot of buy-in from a studio and a network to get this back on the air.

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