Joe Zicari @SharePointJoe

As requested on episode #95 of the UnderScoopFire Podcast.

You know how much we love lists here at UnderScoopFire.  So I brainstormed and tried to find a list no one has covered.  I scoured the interwebs and came up with nothing.  Seriously, take my word for it.  The internet is barren.  You won’t find anything. Moving on… This particular list has to do with [...]

See what I did there? I combined two things I miss and love so much into one awesome sentence. My friends know that I have heavily invested in reacquiring G.I. Joe figures from my childhood. So how the heck am I missing my childhood? I’ll give you a little bit of background with the short [...]

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. My birthday. Yes, today is my birthday. Please wish me a happy one or else… Now that that’s over with let’s move on. I would like to inform you that today is also Ali Larter’s birthday. Please don’t say ‘Ali who?’ – it would kill me. How [...]

Today I celebrate never using a gun. Today I celebrate the mullet. Today I celebrate my love for Hockey. Today I celebrate my love of the 80s. Today I celebrate Richard Dean Anderson’s birthday. That’s right. Everyone’s loveable hero MacGyver is 62 years young today. Some fancy doctor at some fancy University has deemed today [...]

The other day my wife asked “what is this Wife Pretty Hall of Fame”? I tried to explain the premise to her as best I could without actually looking it up on the site. It was funny because she just stared at me like I had a booger hanging. So without batting an eye, she [...]