Jesse Gumbarge

4 Reasons To Rewatch ‘Bordello of Blood’ Tonight

While it may not be the greatest horror comedy, here are a few reasons why Bordello of Blood deserves a revisit. And no, “vampire Corey Feldman” did not make the list.

5 Reasons You Should Rewatch ‘Batman & Robin’ Tonight

I can’t believe this myself, but I’m actually going to attempt to defend this film, to the best of my ability anyway.

7 Reasons You Should Rewatch ‘Blankman’ Tonight

With the superhero movie craze at an all-time high, let’s look back at one of the best and silliest the ‘90s had to offer.

5 Reasons You Should Rewatch ‘Jason X’ Tonight

Screw it, it’s time to look at some of the lamest/awesome reasons to re-watch ‘Jason X’ tonight.

6 Reasons You Should Rewatch Robocop Tonight

Let’s take a look at a few moments from the original Robocop that will remind you why it’s so gosh darn friggin’ awesome (pardon my kindergarten potty mouth).

Five 80s Horror Movies We’re Surprised Haven’t Been Rebooted

Maybe legal issues have prevented this from happening. Or, maybe these are films are only popular among a very small niche demographic of horror fans. Whatever the case may be, here are five 80s horror films we’re surprised haven’t been remade yet.

4 Reasons Michael Keaton Should Have Been a Terrible Batman

In 1989 a director by the name of Tim Burton was hired to bring the Dark Knight to the big screen. When he made the decision to cast Michael Keaton as Batman the backlash was fierce. People wrote actual letters (like with stamps) protesting the casting news to the movie studio.

6 Hilariously Over-The-Top Acting Performances

Many people debate about what exactly makes a great movie. Some people feel the director deserves all the praise. Some say it’s the writer who came up with the story to begin with, and others (such as me) believe that the actors are the ones who bring the film to life. A great movie consists […]