Corey Chapman @chapmanrunner

Bonus Podcast – USF Fan Take Over!

We rounded up four long time listeners to join us for this “lost” episode.

Podcast #146 – The Announcement

The hosts make a stunning announcement about the podcast.

Podcast #145 – Man, Do I Miss…

Corey & e go back and forth naming things they miss from “the good old days”.

Podcast #144 – Jem, Back to The Future Day, and Halloween 2015

Corey welcomes Chad “Egon” Young back to the show.

Podcast #143 – First Impressions of the Fall TV Season

Tank returns to the podcast and delivers his first impressions of the young TV season.

10 New Fall Shows Guaranteed to Get a Second Season

Last week, we predicted the ten new shows that will not be back next season. This week, we take a look at ten new network shows that you can safely invest your time and emotions in.

10 New Fall Shows That Will Be Cancelled By Christmas

Here it is, your annual television death clock!

Podcast #142 – What if ‘The Force Awakens’ Sucks?

Joe and Corey tackle the question no one wants to ask- what if Star Wars: The Force Awakens does not live up to the hype and it’s more Phantom Menace than A New Hope?

Podcast #141 – Geek Confessions with Joe!

Corey and Joe go tit-for-tat trying to one up each other’s freakish faux paus. This show is full of fear boners, pork pie hats, suspenders, used chewing gum and more.