Brian Morin @bmorin54

Welcome to the first edition of Apoca-LIST, a weekly rundown of pop culture and entertainment characters that you’d want on your side in the event of a global apocalypse.

The television theme song is not dead, it has merely evolved. This list represents TV’s best opening themes for shows that debuted from 2000 on.

Anyone who grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System in their house knows about games like The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Contra, Metroid, Super Tecmo Bowl, Super Mario Bros, and Ninja Gaiden. While those are the classics- the games that we all grew up playing, today I’d like to recognize some of the lesser [...]

Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Doom, Tomb Raider, Tecmo Super Bowl… any child of the 80s knows the titles of some of the most classic and widely played video games of all time. But how many potentially great games were ruined by their title before they were even inserted into the console?  I’ve done some digging [...]

I recently watched an episode of The Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter (a great show if you’re into retro toys) and was surprised to see some Love Boat action figures.  I’m not sure what kid would want to play with them, but it inspired me and got me thinking about what would happen if they remade [...]

Zombies seem to be all the rage lately.   Moves like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Dawn of the Dead have renewed America’s love of zombies that really started with George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Zombie video games like Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Dead Island, and Left [...]