Aquaman’s Day at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach

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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 2, 2013

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Sometimes I do really geeky and embarrassing stuff for the sake of this blog…


..and other times I get to do totally awesome stuff like take my son’s Imaginext Aquaman figure along with us to the Aquarium!

It truly was an “Imaginext Christmas” for my 3 year old, as he hauled in quite the plethora of Fisher Price’s flagship toy line. One of his favorite things was the Imaginext Aquaman (who comes with a rad robo-shark).

On the way out the door for a day at Myrtle Beach’s Ripley’s Aquarium I noticed a hopeful yet reserved look in Aquaman’s eye- as if he was thinking “I’d love to go see my friends but I don’t expect an invite. I am just a toddler’s action figure. Guess I’ll stay here and play Cards Against Humanity with Han Solo.”

Don’t worry Aqua – I got you.

Aquaman’s day out on the town included stops at Chick Fil-A, Build-A-Bear, a diabetes mecca called It’s Sugar, and Wal-Mart, but his favorite stop was the one you’d expect. (And NO, Will West, Aquaman was not upset to see his friends in captivity. He is glad to know that some of them can help educate America’s youth about the creatures of the sea!)

Here are a few images documenting Aquaman’s day at the aquarium:

I’m in! They even gave me a 15% Justice League discount – it’s like having AAA!


Man, look at that shark tooth- that is huge! (Tiny Aquaman’s impression of Tiny Elvis)


“Ooh Barracuda!” I love me some Heart!


 I’d reciprocate your ‘thumbs up’ but I’m not that articulated!


Hey Marty! Or was that Tom? I always mix those two up!


I can’t even remember the last time I saw this guy! Hey-O!


Everybody line up to greet your King!


Hey look! It’s the year I turned one! I was so cute at that age.


Someone should really get this to the bank. It’s not safe on display!


This place is such a dive. Wokka wokka!*


No idea why Batman’s always complaining about these guys. They’re cool dudes!


Hey, where’s Hootie? I’m here all night people!


This place is so great- I never iguana leave!  I’m killing here!


My own “James Bond style” opening sequence! For Your Gills Only..


Once more for old times’ sake!


Now we’re at some place called “It’s Sugar”. I think this is where humans go to accelerate their death?


Totally found what I’m getting Mera for Valentine’s Day. Hope they DO dissolve in water!



*catchprase courtesy of Fozzie Bear


If you like this, visit the Aquaman Shrine for TONS of Aqua-goodness!

and read Why the World Needs Aquaman right here!


Howie Decker (@HowardtheDeck) is the co-creator and editor of UnderScoopFire. He likes fantasy baseball & taco night. You can read his Letter from the Editor here.


  • Kap-El

    That was the most ADORABLE thing that ever happened, ever! I’m so set on getting that figure. HE COMES WITH A ROBOT SHARK! Hope you and your kiddos had fun at the Aquarium.

  • Sean

    I’m at a loss for words.

  • Brian Morin

    That’s soooooo Aquaman!

  • shezcrafti

    I love Ripley’s Aquarium. It’s easily the best attraction down there. (and LOL @ “Diabetes Mecca” — that place is ridiculous. But where else can you buy giant boxes of NERDs?)

    • Howie Decker

      For sure. If we still lived there we’d have a membership now that the little guy is old enough. We had a friend who took her son there almost every day one summer. Great place for kids.

      And that candy store is ridiculous. The first bag of bulk jellybeans my wife filled came to $18. Needless to say, we ditched that one and started over. I’m still working on the bag of Jawbreakers my son HAD to have.

    • Dex (@Dex1138)

      FAO Schwartz & Toys R Us in NYC. They have giant boxes of all kinds of candy.

  • James

    Ridiculous and unique things like this are what sets this site apart from all the others with similar focus. I love it.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    And who says Aquaman is useless..

    • Howie Decker

      They dare not utter such untruths around here!

  • More0_0Than

    And for our next installment: Batman goes to Branson!

    • Howie Decker

      Yes! Followed by Superman South of the Border

      • Kap-El

        I’d Read all of those Articles!
        Martian Manhunter in Maine
        Wonder Woman’s Wild West Weekend
        Flash goes to Florida

  • Will

    This was so, so great! Now, I’m tempted to do Wolverine in Washington (D.C.)

    • Howie Decker

      Hah thanks! Yeah you could do The Silver Surfer at the reflecting pool? Hulk on the Metro? Banshee in Brunswick!

  • handsybroad

    Why do the images appear correctly on my PC but sideways on my iPad and phone?

    • Howie Decker

      I’ve wondered that too. It’s only this post. If anyone has any tips, they’d be welcome!

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