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by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

The Major League Baseball All Star Game will be played July 10 in Kansas City.

While actual MLB All Stars are voted into and named to that game, we decided to name our own team of baseball All Stars.

Without further adieu, (in our best public-address loudspeaker voice) we introduce:


The UnderScoopFire 2012 Pop Culture All Star Lineup:


Leading off, playing center field, from “Major League”..

Willie Mays Hayes


Batting second and playing shortstop, from “The Sandlot”..

Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez


Batting third and playing first base, just a few hits short of 3000 for his career..

Stan Ross


Batting cleanup and playing right field, from “The Natural”..

Roy Hobbs


Batting fifth, at designated hitter, from “Beer League”..

Artie DeVanzo


Batting sixth, a switch hitter, from “Bull Durham”..

Crash Davis


Batting seventh and playing left field, from “A League of Their Own”..

Mae Mordabito


Batting in the eighth AND ninth spot, playing second base AND third base, from the Looney Tunes classic “Baseball Bugs”..

Bugs Bunny



The starting pitcher for the UnderScoopFire Pop Culture All Star Team:

From “Eastbound & Down”..

Kenny Fucking Powers


Pitchers available out of the bullpen for tonight’s game:

Steve Nebraska (“The Scout”)

Henry Rowengartner (“Rookie of the Year”)

Montgomery Brewster (“Brewster’s Millions”)



The closer, of course, from “Major League”..

“Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn




Now if you’ll all rise, tonight’s national anthem will be sung by international recording artist AND tonight’s home plate umpire.. Enrico Palazzo!



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