For Those About to Rock: 15 Workout Outfits that Symbolized the 80s

7. Slim Goodbody

Slim Goodbody wanted to teach us all about the benefits of exercise from the comfort of his own skin… His creepy, spandex anatomy covered skin. PBS has never looked so physical or pedophilic!

Slim Goodbody


6. Christie Brinkley – Model of Fitness

Not only is she filling Clark Griswold’s mind with dirty thoughts, she was teaching us the benefits of exercise through her skintight spandex leotard and feathered hair.

Christie Brinkley workout 80s

Yes Christie, tell us more about your ab toning techniques. Better yet, show us!


5. Carol O’Halloran – Jazzersize Girl

Why exercise when you can Jazzercise? It’s a question that the Jazzercize girl has left us to wonder for years. What’s not to love about her bright pink and green watermelon candy flavored attire?


Dig those feet cuffs and trendy leather belt. Look great, feel great, have fun!


4. Jamie Lee Curtis – Perfect

We could probably dedicate a whole column to the outfits from the 1980s fitness flick “Perfect”, but of all the bad attires and amazing bodies in that film, Jamie Lee Curtis takes the cake.

jamie lee curtis perfect

Her perfectly toned frame was the canvas for many a tight spandex leotard and waist cinching belt.


3. Kathy Smith – Goddess Guru

Few people make you want to get in shape like Kathy Smith. She combines a variety of styles, with a serious weight lifting leather belt, tight spandex leotard and trendy white workout gloves. You gotta protect those palms!

Kathy Smith


2. Olivia Newton-John – Gettin’ Physical

Thankfully for those that didn’t live in the 80s, Olivia Newton-John created a perfect time capsule of the fitness craze and all the outrageous attire.


As iconic as Olivia’s spandex, sweatband and leg warmers are, the chubby schlubs in t-shirts and shorts in the background are nearly as memorable. Let me hear your body talk!


1. Richard Simmons – Sweatin’ to the 80s

Is there really any outfit that’s more iconic to the 1980s fitness craze than Richard Simmons’ bizarre short-shorts and baggy tank tops?

Richard Simmons

Richard has been sweatin’ to the oldies for decades and yet he’s never looked even remotely fit!  He may not have muscles, but his afro compliments his “fabulous” attire and that’s good enough to top this list!


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