1980s Icons at the Casino

When we were growing up in the 80s and 90s, we weren’t yet old enough to go to the casino. We knew what the idea of betting was – and might have lost pocket money to our friends on a regular basis because of poorly-selected personal wagers – but we couldn’t exactly stroll up to the nearest casino and demand a table. The door staff would likely have had something to say about that.

Now we’re all a little bit older, most of us have been to the casino at least once. It’s a rite of passage, like your first alcoholic drink, your first time behind the wheel of a car, and your first kiss. Which order those events happened in will vary from person to person, but we hope that everyone reading this has had the chance to experience all of them at least once by now!

If we had been able to go to the casinos back then, we’d have found that the slot games on offer were broadly similar. Fruits or diamonds were used as symbols on the reels, and most of them played the same way. They looked the same, they sounded the same, and they had the same features. That’s no longer the case. Those old slot machines have been replaced by mobile slots- casino-style slots games which you can play in the palm of your hand – and they come in many different shapes and sizes!

The people who make mobile slots game are very aware that the children of the 1980s are their target audience. We’re all old enough to gamble, and we’re all familiar with how to find entertainment through our phones. Because of that, some of the most popular mobile slots games out there right now use themes from the 1980s; here are some of the best of them!

Village People Macho Moves

If you didn’t spend your younger years dancing along to the YMCA at a school disco, what were you even doing with your childhood? Everyone in the world (with the seeming exception of some prominent politicians) knows how to do the YMCA, and it’s playing along in the background of this charming mobile slots game. The entire cast of the original band is present in the game, and each one of them has a different bonus feature to offer to players.

Bonus features are one of the things that set mobile slots out as being different from the old slot games of the past. Whereas you might get a free spin or two from an old slot games cabinet, mobile slots on website like RoseSlots.com tend to be packed full of great features and high-quality animations to go with their themes. Here, for example, the construction worker multiplies your winnings, the biker takes the lowest-valued symbols off the reels while you’re spinning, and the sailor adds additional wild symbols to make wins more likely. If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll love this camp, nostalgic charmer!

The Goonies

At school discos, you were dancing and singing along to the YMCA, as we’ve already established. During your dinner breaks, though, you were probably pretending that you and all your best friends were the Goonies. Someone will have had to do the truffle shuffle, someone else will have cried about being asked to play Sloth, and everyone else was pretending to be a pirate. It’s not without reason that the film is still celebrated by the press more than 35 years since its release.

You would hope that a mobile slots game based on the Goonies would be all-action, and we’re happy to confirm that it is. The villainous Fratellis turn up to try to ruin your game, and one of the bonus rounds is a literal treasure hunt, trying to find the most valuable multiplier behind a range of hidden symbols! Some of the original soundtrack from the movie is also used in the mobile slots game, which only adds to the atmosphere.

Inspector Gadget

You can usually tell whether someone’s in their early or late 30s by asking them if they prefer Inspector Gadget or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If their answer is Inspector Gadget, they’re at the older end of the scale. That doesn’t matter though; Inspector Gadget fans have a mobile slots game based on their favorite cartoon, whereas fans of the sewer-dwelling turtles don’t!

Just as the cartoon is all about the gadgets available to the eponymous Inspector, so is this mobile slots game. There are gadgets which can give you extra spins. There are gadgets which can increase the size of the more valuable symbols on the reels. Some of the gadgets will multiply the value of your last win by several times its face value! The return-to-player rate of this slot is 95%, so although taking money from it isn’t quite child’s play, it’s not far off so long as your luck is in.

Guns n’ Roses

Perhaps you weren’t interested in cartoons when you were younger. Maybe you weren’t a big fan of disco music or children’s movies, either. Maybe you were one of those kids who just wanted to throw on a pair of ripped jeans, tie a bandana around your head and rock! There’s no way you should have been listening to Guns n’ Roses as a ten-year-old, but we know a lot of you were. That’s why you’ll be pleased to hear that the most iconic metal band of the 80s (and perhaps of all time) have their very own mobile slots game.

Even if the game was terrible, it would be worth playing it just for the soundtrack. Several of the band’s best-known hits are on the jukebox here, which you can adjust for your listening pleasure. Success relies on persuading members of the band to perform ‘encores’ by appearing on your reels as an expanding wild symbol. When they do, your chances of a win increase significantly. There’s also a randomly-occurring ‘solo multiplier,’ which can happen at any moment and increase the value of your wins by as much as 10x. If that doesn’t give you an appetite for destruction, we don’t know what will!

That completes our tour of 1980’s icons at the casinos for now – but who’s to say that there won’t be more added in the near future? Check back soon – we’ll be keeping our eyes on the mobile slots websites, and if we see any more 80s icons turn up there we’ll be sure to let you know!

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